Namibia beat Ireland by 8 wickets to march into the Super 12s stage.


Gerhard Erasmus | Namibia skipper: We said in the previous press conference that we are in a pretty tight ship and I think for a small cricketing nation, we are very proud and it means a lot. I think the achievement is one heck of a one and I think we should be proud of ourselves tonight. I count on my senior players (Wiese) to stand up when the pressure is on in a tough game like this and two of us did it tonight and hopefully throughout the tournament we can continue doing that. Not yet (has it sunk in yet?), maybe on the way back home or maybe only tomorrow or maybe at the end of the tournament.

Andy Balbirnie | Ireland captain: It hurts a lot. A really tough one to take. We wanted runs on the board, we probably didn’t get enough, we wanted more than that after the start we got. But yeah, that’s gonna take a while to go away. We have worked hard to get to this point. I thought we played pretty well but they outplayed us on the day. Wiese came in and played a brilliant hand, the rate was nearly at 8-8.5 and their skipper played a brilliant knock to see his side through. There are a lot of good cricketers in there that deserved to see the next round but it wasn’t to be and that’s the way it goes.

David Wiese | Player of the Match: It’s completely overwhelming. I didn’t think I would get this award after the way Erasmus’ batted. It was a proper captain’s innings. I’m accepting this but I think it belongs to him. Lot of hard work has gone into this from the boys. There were a few minor blips but overall, it was a strong performance.