Mohammad Nabi. (Source: Twitter)

After the defeat in this match, Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi arrived for a press conference where a journalist asked him a question that got him furious but he kept himself calm, due to which the matter did not catch on.

In this viral video, it can be seen that the journalist asks Nabi if the pressure on the players has increased due to the change of government in Afghanistan. Along with this, the journalist also asks whether Afghanistan’s relations with Pakistan have improved after the new government, will it help Afghanistan cricket to flourish?

Nabi did not like this question of the journalist and he said, can we talk about cricket except in the conditions of Afghanistan. If we can talk about cricket, it will be better, because we have come here for the World Cup and have come fully prepared. If you have any question related to cricket then you can ask.

However, despite the prophet saying so much, the journalist did not change his question and then repeated the same question, after which the prophet said, this is not a question related to cricket. The video of this incident is becoming very viral on social media and fans are also very fond of it.