Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan. (Source: Twitter)

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is upset with the recent incident when Shoaib Akhtar resigned from a TV channel in a live show.

Pakistan Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan revealed that Imran Khan has “taken notice of the issue and has directed the committee to take immediate action”.

“You cannot ask anybody to leave the show on the air, this is arrogance,” he said, as quoted by Geo News.

“Dr Niaz should have thought a hundred times before insulting Akhtar. Is this how we treat our National stars in front of international cricket greats?” he questioned.

“It was a big day for Pakistan, our team had defeated New Zealand everybody was celebrating and this incident happened.”

“I would also appreciate Akhtar because contrary to his nature he acted calmly although he is known for his aggression because he is a fast bowler,” the he reacted.