Udaipur teacher. (Source: Twitter)

In Udaipur, Rajasthan, teacher Nafisa Attari has found it very expensive to celebrate Pakistan’s victory. At first he was dismissed from his job, after which he was also arrested. A case was registered against Nafisa Attari under section 153 of the Indian Penal Code. The screenshot of his post went viral on social media, after which he deleted the post.

Nafisa Attari, while clarifying this whole matter, said, ‘There was no such meaning for me that I am supporting Pakistan. Somebody messaged me that you are supporting Pakistan, then all this was going on in a joking manner. Actually what happened was that we were watching the match at home and we had divided people into two teams. And we were supporting our respective teams.

Nafisa Attari said, ‘It did not mean at all that I am supporting Pakistan. All this was going on in a joking manner, when someone asked me are you supporting Pakistan, there was a laughing emoji in their message, seeing which I said yes. It did not mean that I was supporting Pakistan, I am Indian. I love India.

Nafisa Attari further said, ‘I love India as much as you all do. I didn’t mean to do this at all, if you all felt that way, I apologize for that. I deleted my status as soon as I realized that I had made a mistake. I thought it might have gone in the wrong direction. Because of this I deleted the status.

After his arrest, he was produced before the court, where he was granted bail on a personal bond of Rs 20,000. The matter is under investigation. Nafisa Attari shared a picture after Pakistan’s victory. The picture shared by Nafisa Attari read, ‘We have won, we have won.’