Steve Smith. (Source: Twitter)

Australia’s Steve Smith has described the wicket as dead.

“It’s pretty benign,” the former captain said. “There’s not a great deal of pace and bounce in it for the seamers. I think the spinners have offered a little bit. When you hit the right length there’s been a little bit of natural variation and you know, when you get it out a bit wider into the rough I think there’s a little bit there as well. So I thought it would break up a little bit more and probably turn a bit more from the start, but it probably hasn’t done so. But yeah, pretty benign, dead wicket.”

“Hopefully, the tail can stay out there for a while. And if they do, they usually score pretty quickly. If they do, there’s a decent chance that we’d be able to set a half-decent total to potentially have a bowl at,” he pointed out. “If we get a hundred or something in front, you just never know with this game. We take a few early wickets, a couple of balls hit the rough, some things happen on day five. So hopefully they can spend a bit of time out there. We’ll see how we go.”

“I’m disappointed in my shot selection and probably just the position of the game as well,” he said. “Perhaps if we were five down we might have been able to push a little harder in the morning and potentially set something up for the fourth innings of the match. You never know if you get a 100 lead what can happen so yeah, a bit disappointing.

“I got a bit greedy with the field they had set. Even if I was hitting that I was probably only getting a single, so disappointed to have worked pretty hard and got myself in a nice position to go on and get a big score.”