There have been times where online chats of some cricketers have been leaked.

It is difficult as a cricketer to have a private life with so many eyes on you already and by constantly being in the limelight. There are both positive and negative sides as a cricketer can become an overnight sensation but can also be exposed to different controversies.

There have been times where online chats of some cricketers have been leaked and that has threatened their career and has got them into trouble. Here is a look at some of the cases where the leakage of online chats have proved to be too costly for the cricketers.

Mohammad Shami

Mohammed Shami with MS Dhoni. (Source: Twitter)

Mohammad Shami has proved to be one of India’s finest fast bowlers across all formats in the past eighteen months or so. He has shown supreme fitness and has been spot on with his line and length as required during different times across all formats. However, there was a time back in 2018 when he was undergoing a personal trauma.

In an instagram chat with Rohit Sharma, Mohammad Shami revealed that he thought of committing suicide on more than one occasion due to his personal problems.

Shami was married to Hasin Jahan, who in 2018 accused Shami of allegedly having affairs with other women and leaked the screenshots of her alleged chats with the pacer. She did not just stop there, further accusing Shami of domestic violence. Shami was also accused of being involved in spot fixing. But once BCCI gave him the clean chit, things gradually began to improve for the Indian quick. With time, all these things took a back seat and Shami got better mentally and came roaring back into the Indian team. BCCI also later gave him the contract that they had previously upheld.


Imam-ul-Haq. (Source: Twitter)

Being related to arguably one of the best batsmen Pakistan has ever produced in Inzamam- ul-Haq, Imam-ul-Haq already had a lot of hype built around him and had to cope up with the pressure of performing. He had a miserable 2019 World Cup which was about to cost his place in the Pakistan squad. But that was not the only bad thing that happened to him that

Several women took to Twitter and Instagram and uploaded screenshots of their chats with the southpaw, accusing him of cheating on them and having more than one affair, making a wrong use of his limelight. Imam had to apologise later for his behaviour and was left by the Pakistan Cricket Board after a strict warning. This episode has surely rattled Imam’s
confidence as he has not been able to deliver top notch performances for Pakistan ever since.

Alex Hepburn

The desire to play international cricket saw a player like Andrew Symonds choose to represent Australia although he was born in England. For Alex Hepburn though, it was the other way around. At a young age of just 17, he moved to England from Australia with a dream to become a professional cricketer. He also earned a contract for himself with Worcestershire. But what happened in November 2017 was going to change the entire landscape of his life both on and off the pitch.

He was accused of raping two women and although he was given a clean chit in one of the cases, the other case went on for two more years. Finally in 2019, it was proven that he had raped a woman who had spent the night at the home of his and his room partner Joe Clarke.

The woman told the judge that Hepburn used an Australian accent which made her think that she was sleeping with Joe as they had met earlier that evening in a nightclub.

Hepburn later accepted the accusation and thus was sentenced to five years of imprisonment. He also got his name in the register of sex offenders for life.He also admitted that he had taken part in a sex game which involved him sleeping with 20 women.

This proved to be the final nail in the coffin as far as his cricketing career was concerned.

Shaheen Afridi

Recently, Shaheen Afridi a younger Pakistani cricketer, found himself in the middle of a controversy. The fast bowler was in the news for all the right reason, especially during the World Cup. But this all changed very quickly. He found himself knee deep in a dispute when an online video of him exposing himself was released. Allegedly, a Pakistani Twitter account on the name of Hareem Shah posted a video of Shaheen Afridi doing some vulgar things, live on call. This sparked a controversy online and tainted his image.


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