Alyssa Healy and Anya Shrubsole.

The world of sports was once viewed as male-dominated. When you talk about Cricket, automatically fans think only about men’s Cricket. Well, let’s break this notion. 
In today’s world, sports is a field where women all over the world are proving to be as good (and sometimes better) men in sports. Cricket is no exception. Over the years, women have excelled at Cricket. In fact, they have done so well that they’ve even set records that men haven’t been able to!

The Women’s Cricket Association was founded way back in 1926. The first Women’s Cricket International match was played in 1934 when England toured Australia for their first test match. Soon after, in 1958 a much-needed Women’s Cricket Council was formed.

Even though men’s journey in Cricket started 57 years before women’s, the women have been able to play catch up. And while catching up, they have achieved amazing things and have set a high standard.

So to the one’s in disbelief, let’s throw light on 5 records that women have broken before men!

1. Most Wickets in World T20

Anya Shrubsole. (Source: Twitter)

England’s Anya Shrubsole is the highest wicket-taker all around the globe. And yes, this includes both men and women. She has taken a whopping 41 wickets in the World T20 matches. Shahid Afridi from Pakistan had set the record at 39 wickets. He overtook Sri Lanka’s Lasith Malinga who had taken 38 wickets. 

No longer do the men hold this record!  The next women cricket to have come close was Australia’s, Ellyse Perry. Her record is 37 wickets. Having said that, if, during that series she was to play the semi-finals and finals, she could’ve overtaken Shahid Afridi.

2. Over 400 Total in ODI

The Australia Women’s Cricket team showed their real class as they were the first international team to score over 400 runs in an ODI inning. They left people speechless as they let their talent do all the talking.

The team scored 412 runs with a loss of only 3 wickets. This match was full of surprises. Not only did they Australian team become the first to score 400+ runs in an ODI; but also Australia’s Belinda Clark scored the first-ever double 100 (ODI). This Women’s World Cup match set their standards and marked their presence on the Cricket map.

3. Most World Cup Finals Played

Out of 7 possible occasions, the Australian Women’s team has reached the finals 6 times. The closest men’s team was Sri Lanka’s. They appeared in 3 finals of the T20 World Cup. Australia missed out on this occasion just once as it was New Zealand and England who played the finals.

Quite a commendable feat by the women’s team.

4. First Double 100 in ODI

Belinda Clark. (Source: Twitter)

Yes we all know that Sachin Tendulkar breached the 200 runs mark in an ODI in 2010. This was a proud moment for India and was well celebrated. But the truth is, he wasn’t the first person in the history of cricket to hit a double 100. The first Cricketer to do was indeed a woman.

She was Belinda Clark from Australia. In 1997, the mighty Belinda Clark hit 229 runs in 155 deliveries. Hence this record was held by the women in Cricket before the men.

5. Quickest Half Century in a final in a World Tournament (all formats)

Alyssa Healy. (Source: Twitter)

Australia’s Alyssa Healy holds the record for the quickest half-century socred in a final of a global tournament ( in any format). She made 50 runs in just 30 balls. She eventually went on to become the Player of the Match as she scored a total of 75 runs in 39 deliveries.

The initial record was held by Hardik Pandya. It was set in 2017 during the Championship Trophy Finals, where he hit 50 runs in 32 balls. Eventually, a woman cricketer broke this record.

These amazing records set by Women just show us how far they’ve come in sports. The once termed- male-dominated industry, can clearly see the progress of women in the field.

Girl Power, indeed!


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