Venkatesh Prasand cleans up Aamer Sohail.

On the cricket field, there is often a verbal war between the players. Sometimes bowlers and sometimes batsmen are seen fighting with each other. Many times, it is also seen that when the batsman gets angry and plays the wrong shot, the bowler also commits such mistakes. Due to this mistake of the players, the team has to suffer big loss.

When Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi clashed fiercely on the field

Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi had a lot of debate on the field in the 2007 ODI match between India and Pakistan at the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur. Meanwhile, there was fierce abuse in them. Actually, Gambhir was running for a single off Afridi’s ball. The two collided and Gambhir felt that Afridi had done this intentionally. After that there was a heated debate between the two. At the same time, the umpire and the players made a reconciliation between the two. It is said that Gambhir silenced Afridi in this match.

Venkatesh Prasad vs Aamir Sohail

India vs Pakistan in the World Cup 1996 saw a fierce fight between Venkatesh Prasad and Aamir Sohail, when Aamir was batting, he hit the boundary line with the bat after hitting brilliant fours in the off side off Prasad’s ball. Pointed, but on the very next ball, the Indian fast bowler uprooted the stump of the Pakistani batsman who had made a great comeback and said to him in anger, “Go home.” This gimmick is still remembered in the cricket world.

When Sehwag gave a befitting reply to Rawalpindi Express

This is the case of ICC World Cup 2003. During this great match between India and Pakistan, Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar was throwing the bounce ball and provoking Sehwag to play pull shot, where Veeru was having trouble playing this shot. In such a situation, while commenting, Akhtar asked Sachin Tendulkar to bowl this ball. The master blaster easily hit a six off the Rawalpindi Express. Veeru then approached Akhtar and said, “The father is the father and the son is the son.”

When Sreesanth danced for six with the ball of Andre Nel

In 2006, during the tour of South Africa, an interesting case was seen between Team India and the hosts in the Johannesburg Test. The incident took place between S. Sreesanth and Andre Nel. Actually, Sreesanth, who came to bat at number 9, was challenged by Andre Nel to beat him on the bouncer. On the next ball, Sreesanth gave a six. After this, Sreesanth danced while waving the bat in the air and gave a befitting reply to Nell.


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