Germany Women's team. (Source: Twitter)

Women’s international cricket was played for the first time on Wednesday at the Seebarn Cricket Ground in Austria., seven months after the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup final when Austria hosted Germany in a series of five T20 internationals. All women T20 international cricket matches were suspended due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Germany, named as the Golden Eagles, is the 27th team in the world in the ICC Women’s T20 international rankings, while Austria’s rankings are 50th. Germany played their last T20 international against Oman in February and during this period were swept 4–0 in the series. The Austrian team are playing for the first time since a quadrennial series a year earlier, with France, Jersey and Norway in attendance.

In an International Cricket Council (ICC) release, Germany captain Anuradha Dodabalapur said, “First of all I would like to thank everyone in Austria cricket for hosting us despite the current situation.

” We are thrilled to hit the ground again after a long break. In the last few months, the girls have worked hard to stay fit and hone their skills.”

Austrian captain Andrea-Mae Zepeda said, “The team is thrilled and after months of lockdown we are keen on competitive cricket in Europe.” “Some teams could not participate in the tournament due to travel restrictions but we are happy that these restrictions have been relaxed between Austria and Germany and we could play some international cricket this year,” he said.


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