Virat Kohli with Steve Smith.

Team India’s captain Virat Kohli has been declared the best batsman of the world by many big cricket giants. Today, in the entire cricket world, Virat’s batting is spoken about. Virat is the only batsman to score runs in all three formats of cricket at an average of more than 50. Despite all this, Virat continues to work on improving his game, due to which the Indian captain has become a more dangerous batsman than before. Former Australian captain Steve Smith is also now scared of his batting.

There is no doubt that Virat’s batting is getting better match by match. On seeing his batting many times, the fans have fewer words like ‘wow,’ ‘fantastic’ and ‘tremendous’. In Virat’s batting, the fans not only get to see the passion, but also the cricket fans in their batting get responsibility and explosiveness.

Steve Smith is convinced of this passion and hunger to score runs. Praising Virat’s astonishing batting, Smith said during a conversation with a sports channel, “Virat is a great man and he has done a lot of great things for India. In India, he has become the ambassador of this game. They are getting better every day, which is a scary thing.”

Smith and Virat have known each other since they were both teenagers. Recalling his old days with Virat, Smith said that he first met Virat in 2007 at the Brisbane Academy. About this meeting, Smith said, ‘I have known Virat for a long time. In 2007, when he was part of the Academy in Brisbane, I was not part of the Academy but kept practising bowling. We used to talk well outside the grounds. Many times when you play for your country, you are so emotional that things go out of control.

After reading the ballads in Virat’s glory, Smith also talked about the India-Australia series to be held later this year and said that he is very keen about this series. Smith feels that the series will be tremendous, but he also believes that it will not be easy for the Australian team to overcome the bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammad Shami and Ishant Sharma. Talking about this, Smith said, ‘I am very excited. There is every possibility of having an all-time great series. You will see an incredible bowler like Jasprit Bumrah. Mohammad Shami has become even better. Ishant Sharma has experience.


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