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US Cricket Board’s has been hit with some legal complications. “Conducting elections to represent USA Cricket with just about 700 members and around 10 clubs with voting rights would be farcical and a disservice to devoid over 15,000 cricket enthusiasts of voting rights who’s leagues and clubs agreed to sign up for USA Cricket membership during the start of last year well before the pandemic set in. By disallowing new members to vote for the upcoming elections is a clear attempt to influence the upcoming board elections in order to gain control over the board” said one of the defendants Ajith Bhaskar who is up for re-election as a club director according to a report in Cricbuzz.

“I only expect that the constitution is upheld. Not to violate or deviate for whatever reason. Paraag Marathe’s re-appointment as an independent director and chairman is not ethical, in my opinion, because we’ve been following a process for last two years, where NGC makes recommendation for independent director after the elections for other positions on the board and not before, which happened in Paraag’s case,” said the plaintiff Venu Pisike and individual director.

“Currently there will be three more positions for which elections are pending. If new people get elected to the board you are denying them the chance to choose the next chairman. As far as the member resolution for voting rights is concerned it missed the 67% threshold set by the constitution. We expect the court to step in and overturn Paraag’s reappointment and negate the new member resolution for voting rights passed by the board”


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