TNPL trophy. (Source: Twitter)

The recent spot-fixing and betting scandal has been shocking everyone with each passing day. In the latest update, a TNPL match between Tuti Patriots and Madurai Panthers saw a betting of a sum of around 24 million pounds (about Rs 225 crore) on the international site Betfair this year according to a report in The Indian Express.

Ganguly had earlier announced that there will be no ban on the franchise in the TNPL but two co-owners of Tuti Patriots has been expelled, Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) has clarified.

“No TNPL franchise has been suspended or banned,” TNCA secretary RS Ramasaamy told The Indian Express.

“We have asked Tuti Patriots to change their ownership pattern,” a TNCA functionary told this paper.

The exit of the two co-owners of the franchise gives Selvakumar, who is the principal owner of the TUTI Patriots full control of the team.