Stuart Binny. (Source: Twitter)

Stuart Binny has announced his retirement from first-class and international cricket.

“It has given me tremendous joy and pride to have represented my country at the highest international level,” Binny said in a statement on Monday (August 30).

“I’m grateful to the coaches who encouraged me, to the selectors who put their faith in me. To the friends who shared my cricketing journey with overwhelming pride, to the colleagues who put their hearts out on the battlefield with me. To my captains who entrusted me. None of this would have been possible had it not been for my family, I stepped out on the field everyday thinking about them.”

“I would like to acknowledge the huge role that BCCI has played in my journey. Their support and faith over the years have been invaluable. My cricketing journey would not even have started had it not been for Karnataka and their support. It has been an honour to captain and win trophies with my state. I would also like to thank the IPL teams who have enriched my career.”