Steve Bucknor. (Source: Twitter)

Former International Cricket Council (ICC) umpire Steve Bucknor has said that he made two mistakes during the 2008 Test series between India and Australia.

Bucknor and Mark Benson were the on-field umpires in the second match of the Border-Gavaskar series played in Sydney between India and Australia. In this match, the two umpires made some wrong decisions, due to which India lost by 122 runs.

Bucknor said, “I made two mistakes during the 2008 Sydney Test. My first mistake was that when India was doing well, I allowed an Australian batsman to score a century. He said, “My second mistake was on the fifth day of the match, which probably made India lose the match.”

“Was I the first umpire to make two mistakes in a Test match. Despite this, these two mistakes make me nervous. You need to know why these mistakes happened. You would not like to make such a mistake again.”

It is noteworthy that the Indian team had complained about the umpiring of Bucknor and Benson.

Apart from Buckner’s mistakes, the series was also in controversy due to the Monkey Gate episode between Indian team off-spinner Harbhajan Singh and Australia’s Andrew Symonds. The controversy had grown so much that the ICC had to intervene in the matter. After 12 years of this match, Bucknor finally admitted his mistakes.


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