Shahid Afridi. (Source: Twitter

The Taliban has seized power in Afghanistan. The Taliban have been recognized around the world for promoting religious bigotry and suppressing human rights. Despite this, Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that has openly come out in support of the Taliban. In the matter of supporting bigotry, along with the military officers and leaders there, now cricket stars are also competing.

The latest support to the Taliban has come from the 44-year-old Shahid Afridi, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team. Afridi is getting trolled a lot on social media due to this statement. Many users said that Afridi’s brain age is still 14 years old. That’s why they are making childish statements.

Afridi has supported the return of Taliban to power in a conversation with the media. Afridi said- “This time they have come with a very positive mindset. They are also allowing women to work in many fields. This includes politics.” However, this statement of Afridi does not match with the words of the people fleeing Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghans are reporting that the Taliban are entering homes and shooting Afghans and re-initiating atrocities against women.

Afridi said that he thinks the Taliban love cricket. They will promote this sport in the country. However, the manner in which the Taliban has captured the Afghanistan Cricket Board and the way the cricketers there are in panic, it seems that cricket there can be in a lot of trouble. Cricketers like Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi have expressed their concern about the safety of their families.

Shahid Afridi has given controversial statements many times regarding Kashmir. Generally, cricketers are expected not to make political statements, but Afridi has tried to give unnecessary air to the Kashmir issue many times. Targeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he had said that under his leadership, India is discriminating on religious lines in Kashmir. Later Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina had advised Afridi to handle the failed Pakistan instead of chanting Kashmir rage.

Many analysts believe that Shahid Afridi is possibly looking for a future in politics. That is why he repeatedly gives such statements, which will keep him in the discussion and increase his value in the eyes of the Pakistani public. That’s why they keep giving contradictory statements about Kashmir as well. Former captain Imran Khan is currently the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Though he failed on all fronts, some Pakistani cricketers feel that he too can make a good future in politics like Imran Khan.