Sachin Tendulkar (L) and Virat Kohli (R). (Source: Twitter)

Sachin and Kohli,are two master batsmen which India has been fortunate to have.Sachin achieved Everest like heights in batting which no other batsman in the world has achieved,and it was said that probably no one in the world could hope to equal Sachin’s achievements.

Before Sachin bid adios,along came the brash, dominating, and aggressive, Kohli. It was his good luck that he got the opportunity to play with a Maestro like Sachin and learn from him. Which he did with huge Success. In fact at the rate Kohil is going ,experts predict that he is the one who is most likely and capable to overtake his Guru.

The graph of both the players is similar , Sachin was said to be the best batsman in the world ,successfully performing on all surfaces and against all opposition with distinction, the one batsman who ran him close was the mercurial West Indian Brian Lara. The case of Kohli is similar ,he too occupies the top slot in the world in all forms of the game, having dominated bowling attacks of all cricketing nations,he is closely followed by the talented and consistent Australian, Steve Smith.

A look at the statistics of these top batsmen is worth looking into

When we compare Sachin Vs Kohli, we can see that Kohli is moving at a good nick and has bright chances of overtaking Sachins Test and ODI record provided he remains fit. But Steve Smith is also happily placed as far as Test runs and average is concerned, he will most certainly give Kohli a run for his money, and don’t forget Smith had to take a one year forced hiatus from cricket due to his role in ball tampering case. So we are in for an interesting tussle for supremacy as
far as the status for the top batsman in the world is concerned. But I have a feeling that Kohli will eclipse Sachin’s record, and leave Smith Behind.


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