Sachin Tendulkar

Former India batsman Sachin Tendulkar thanked a traffic cop, who saved his friend after he had met with an accident.

“The world is a beautiful place because of such people…”.

“Few days ago, a close friend met with a serious accident. By God’s grace, she is better now. However, it was the timely help from a traffic cop, which made the difference,” Tendulkar wrote in the note.

“He immediately took her in an auto to a hospital and applied real presence of mind ensuring her severely damaged spine had minimal movement while travelling,” he added.

“I met him and thanked him for his help. There are several people like him all around us who go beyond the call of duty. The world is a beautiful place because of such people.When you see such people, especially those who serve the public, take a moment to thank them. We may not know it, but in their own way, they strive to make a difference in peoples lives. Silently,” said Tendulkar.

“To traffic police across India, thank you for your efforts towards ensuring people’s safety. To all of us: Let’s respect the traffic rules and not take short-cuts. It is not worth saving yourself some time, at the cost of putting someone else’s life at risk,” the master blaster signed off.