Rohit Sharma. (Source: BCCI)

Whenever a cricketer comes down to play in the field, he is given a jersey number and it is very special for him. Recently, the aggressive opening batsman of the Indian team Rohit Sharma explained why his jersey number is 45.

Rohit Sharma posted a question and answer session on Twitter, during which a fan asked him what is the story behind your jersey number 45? To this, the cricketer replied that there is no story behind it.

His mother told him to keep this number. Rohit said while replying, there is no such story behind number 45. It’s just that my mother asked me to get that number and I didn’t argue. He just said that it would be very lucky for you so I took the number.

It should be noted that Jersey number 45 has proved very lucky for Rohit Sharma. Indian opener Rohit is one of the best batsmen.

He was conferred with the ICC ODI Cricket of the Year earlier this year until his brilliant batting in 2019. Last year, he scored 5 centuries in One Day World Cup.


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