Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma. (Source: Twitter)

India skipper Rohit Sharma has come in support of Virat Kohli.

“It’s a bit of both, you know. We, as a team, want to play in a certain way and every player needs to buy into that thought process otherwise, you know, it’s not gonna happen for you,” Rohit said in his post-match press conference at Trent Bridge on Sunday (July 10). “And all the batters who are part of this squad are willing to take that extra risk and go and see what extra they can do with the bat. You know, it’s important to find out within yourself, to try and do different kinds of things and unless you try it you will never be able to find out. So I think it is something that we’ve been trying to do for a while now.

“And I have said it at the press conference at the start that some days, it might just come off, some days it might not. But we don’t want to be afraid of going and taking that extra risk. That’s how we’re going to learn as a team and that’s how we’re going to move forward as a team as well. So it’s everyone’s thought process and everyone is quite comfortable with that idea as well. So yeah, that’s the kind of direction the team is willing to move.”

“They are seeing from outside, they don’t know what’s happening inside the team. We have a thought process, we make the team, we debate and discuss it and think a lot about it. The players [we pick] are backed, they are given opportunities. People on the outside don’t know about it. So it’s more important about what’s happening within our team, that’s important for me.

“Also, if you are talking about form, it goes up and down for everyone. The quality of the player doesn’t go bad. We should always keep in mind when such comments are passed around. We’re backing that quality. It’s happened with me, it’s happened with XYZ. There’s nothing new. When a player has done well so consistently, then 1-2 bad series, it [his contribution] shouldn’t be forgotten. It might take time for some to understand. But for us, inside and running the team, we know the importance. I’ll request those on the outside, yes you have all the right to talk about it, but for us, it doesn’t matter a lot.”

“The biggest takeaway has been the approach of each and every individual who has played this series. How they’ve relished the moment in the middle, taking on the opportunity, the opposition, taking that extra risk. The mindset is something we’re trying to change and that I guess is the biggest takeaway from all the players,” Rohit said.

“They are willing to do that, they are willing to take that risk. And when I go and talk to certain individuals or players and I hear the same kind of response from them, that is the biggest takeaway. Obviously while doing that, results will go here and there. We’re looking at the larger picture and to achieve that we’ll make some mistakes. As a captain, I’m pretty much okay with that. Honestly, to come here and win a series in England, it’s not easy. It was a challenging one for us. Winning always gives you confidence, and we can try to take that confidence and move forward and try to see how we can improve in all the departments.”