Ravindra Jadeja and wife Riva. (Source: Twitter)

The case of Riva Solanki, the wife of the Indian cricket team’s all-rounder and best fielder Ravindra Jadeja, has come to light after she was found wearing no masks and arguing with women policemen.

No FIR has been lodged against the cricketer’s wife on this. The senior police officer gave information about this.

“Jadeja and the constable both have accused each other of rude behaviour. There is no formal complaint from either side. As per my information, Jadeja was wearing a mask and we are investigating whether his wife was wearing or not.”

Jadeja’s wife had earlier got involved in an argument with policemen. About two years ago, in May 2018, Jadeja’s wife Riva was going out in her BMW car and her car collided with a police car on the way.

At the time, Jadeja’s mother and a small child were also with Riva in the car. The collision took place from the front and after that a police constable also assaulted Riva.

After this incident, the matter had increased so much that the locals had to come to the rescue and after this Riva had to go to the DSP office. However, the police constable was subsequently arrested.