R Ashwin. (Source: Instagram)

Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin can be called a complete ‘family man’. He is one of the few cricketers, who try to meet their family directly as soon as they get some free time from the cricket field. The result of his efforts is also seen in his bonding with the wife and daughter. Ashwin shared a photo with his daughter on Instagram on Monday after Father’s Day.

Wrote that I also accept a late gift

In the photo shared with the daughter, Ashwin wrote the caption, ‘I was a good father Preeti Narayanan. But where is my gift? I also accept a late gift. On this, Preeti has written in response, ‘Haha, they (daughters) need to give you a gift. Just wait for 15 more years. Preity’s gesture was towards the daughter growing up and Ashwin had to explain that the gift will be available only after that. He has got hundreds of likes on this answer of Preity.

Ashwin shared the photo of Preity

The photo that Ashwin has shared, it was his wife Preity Narayanan (Prithi Narayanan) who shared on Instagram on Father’s Day, that Ashwin was a good father. Ashwin asked for a gift in response to that.

Both of them keep running on social media

This is not the first sight of the sweet and sour talk of Ashwin and his wife on social media. Both of them have seen their fans many times before on the public stage as well. Recently, on the day of Prithi’s birthday, Prithvi gave a reply to Ashwin’s wish to wear a mask. Last year, on the anniversary of the wedding, the same sweet relationship between the two appeared on Instagram.


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