The tournament will take place on 3rd and 4th December 2020.

The Physically Challenged Cricket Association of India (PCCAI) has joined hands with International Celebrity Cricket League (Australia) to organise Hap Cup on December 3 and 4.

There would be three teams Harley XI Masters, Anand XI Stars, and Praveen XI Heroes that will play the tournament.

Physically Challenged Cricket Association of India (PCCAI) and International Celebrity Cricket League (ICCL) proudly presents HAP CUP (Happiness Cup).Happiness belongs to all. PCCAI (India) in collaboration with ICCL (Australia) presents inaugural HAP CUP to celebrate International Day of People with Disability through CRICKETAINMENT platform. Our objective is to spread the message of Happiness and benefits of inclusive society while celebrating Abilities and not Disabilities,” the press release said.

December 3 is observed as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities since 1992. According to the United Nations ‘2030 – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), applicable disability and people with disabilities are explicitly referenced in selected goals. Sport encourages individual development, promotes gender equality, social integration, communications, social integration and economic development.

Mr Harley Medcalf (Managing Director, Duet Entertainment and Sport) loved every minute of his interaction with the India’s physically challenged cricketers (PCCAI organisation) during his India trip with Mr Steve Waugh AO (former Australian Cricketer, most recognised and respected players in the world) in January this year.

Mr Harley was blown away by these amazing talented players. Steve Waugh describes them as “enabled in every way”.

During this time, he was introduced to Mr Anand Chukka, Founder and Event Director (ICCL Cricketainment) by Mr Sagnik (Vice President, Willow TV, United States). What follows sometimes is just a destiny. Within a quick time, the target of supporting 100 Players was achieved through partnership with ICCL. Now more than 135 Players have received the support (INR 5K each) and many more in coming days ahead.

Mr Ravi Chauhan, Secretary-General PCCAI has been supporting these players during this crisis and since these new collaborations have given a new fresh hope and is honoured greatly. With ICCL Cricketainment coming onboard to support these players in partnership, the association and players are delighted that International support is coming for these talented players to continue doing what they are good at. There is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

Mr Anand Chukka, who settled in Melbourne, Australia is a highly influential professional with extensive corporate, political and community networks. Has been working on a global platform through sports and entertainment (ICCL Cricketainment) for Neurodiversity communities and supporting inclusive society (differently-abled communities) globally while embracing social values driven inclusive society and economic prosperity.

Mr Anand says’Abilities and not dis-abilities should be the focus’.

Every individual has the rights for basic entitlements (i.e. right to play, participate and access to, dignity, respect) and opportunity to showcase their talents. I am privileged to show my gratitude towards my motherland (India) through this opportunity as well I strongly believe, Life is all about giving (learnt the value of Humanity from my Parents) and hence motivated to make a real difference.

Mr Praveen Nalla, Co-Founder and Managing Director(Piggy Smalls Australia) and Partner (ICCL) who has similar passion contributed immediately and has also assured to support more these talented individuals to ensure their sports abilities should continue to inspire others in spite of challenges.

Mr Praveen says ‘these talented individuals are people of determination and not people with disability’.

Additionally, Mr Sangeeth Silveri (Director, Kings & Priests) also head of ICCL (India Operations) have come forward to donate N95 Face Masks (safety gear) for all players. Safety of these players are very important during this covid-19 pandemic and look forward inmeeting the organisers and players personally. His organisation is currently producing and marketing various safety gear, PPE equipment with superior quality to various clients in India as well high-end premium custom fits Menswear.

Both PCCAI and ICCL Cricketainment continue to partner in ensuring the ‘enable’ players of such individual backgrounds are given the highest importance and provided opportunities to exhibit their talents and career progression. We are confident that there are many good people in this world who will echo our synergies and support these players and be part of these celebrations.

PCCAI and ICCL Cricketainment have been working very closely to help the players with physcial disability. Earlier, a target of helping out 100 physically challenged cricketers in India was achieved by the PCCAI.