HAP CUP-Schedule.

The Physically Challenged Cricket Association of India (PCCAI) is organising T20 tournament for differently-abled cricketers. Here’s the schedule for the HAP CUP that would take place in Bhiwani.

The first match between Harley XI Masters and Anand XI Stars will take place on December 3 from 10 am while the second encounter between Praveen XI Heroes and Harley XI takes place on the smae date from 4 pm.

The third match between Anand XI and Praveen XI takes place on December 4 from 10 am. The final match will be played between the top two teams on Decemeber 4 at 4 pm.

There would be three teams Harley XI Masters, Anand XI Stars, and Praveen XI Heroes that will play the tournament. The 3 Captains who will lead the teams in showcasing their abilities and delight the global audiences in spite of their limitations are:-

Harley XI Masters – Jaswant Rajpurohit
Anand XI Stars – Jagmohan Singh
Praveen XI Heroes – Jasmail Singh

December 3 is observed as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities since 1992. According to the United Nations ‘2030 – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), applicable disability and people with disabilities are explicitly referenced in selected goals. Sport encourages individual development, promotes gender equality, social integration, communications, social integration and economic development.