Corey Anderson. (Source: Twitter)

All-rounder Corey Anderson has called it a day from New Zealand cricket and has a accepted the three-year contract with the upcoming Major League Cricket T20 in the USA.

Confirming the development to Cricbuzz, Anderson said, “It’s been a huge honor and extremely proud to represent New Zealand. I would have loved to have achieved and played more but just is what it is sometimes, and different opportunities arise and send you in a direction you never thought would be a possibility. Very appreciative for everything that NZC has done for me.”

“It hasn’t been an easy decision. I asked myself several questions. What do I want to do now or what do I want to achieve in the next two years, five years, 10 years? As you get older you think about life a little bit more broadly as well. And obviously, my fiance, Mary Margaret, who’s born and raised in America, she’s had a massive part to play in that because she’s sacrificed so much for me, by moving to New Zealand, getting immersed in a different culture there and, and supporting me through a lot of tough times with injuries and time out of cricket. So, when the opportunity arose, we thought that living in America is the best thing, not only for my cricket, but it’s, it’s the best thing for both of us in general as well,” Anderson added.

“I went out there for a few minutes but decided to stay back to watch the entire game. It turned out to be a super over [game]!” said Anderson.


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