Danish Kaneria. (Source: Twitter)

Pakistan spinner Danish Kaneria has been making headlines in the recent past and the leggie is once again in the news for slamming the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

“Playing for the Pakistan cricket team has been a matter of pride for me. Playing for my country and being a Hindu cricketer, representing the Pakistan team and winning matches for my team is like an achievement for me and it is a matter of pride and honor for me,” Danish Kaneria told India TV.

“People accuse me of playing the religion card. I do not mean to do this nor have I ever played the religion card. My issue is only with the Pakistan Cricket Board and its double standards. The behavior of the PCB with the rest of the players is very good but when it comes to me, I am sidelined. I regret this,” he added.

Earlier, he had come in support of the historic Bhoomi pujan of the Ram Temple on Wednesday at the holy city of Ayodhya.

He had earlier responded to the claims made by Shoaib Akhtar about the leggie’s ill-treatment by the team members.

Kaneria was quoted by PTI as saying, “Shoaib (Akhtar) has been a legend of the game. His words are also as blunt as his bowling.”

Earlier, Akhtar has made a shocking statement about spinner Danish Kaneria’s career.

Kaneria has been banned since 2012 and wants to start cricketing activities to earn a living, but the PCB said that he cannot do much as he was punished by the ECB.


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