Ravi Shastri. (Source: Twitter)

Former India head coach talked about R Ashwin during The Indian Express’ eAdda on Thursday.

“My job is not to butter everyone’s toast. My job is to state facts without agenda,” Shastri said, adding: “If my statement on Kuldeep (Yadav) hurt Ashwin, I’m glad I made that statement. It made him do something different.”

Shastri called the chinaman bowler “India’s No. 1 overseas spinner”. “In that moment, though, I felt crushed. Absolutely crushed,” Ashwin had said, mentioning that he felt like being thrown “under the bus”.

“About throwing Ashwin under the bus, he need not worry, because I had told the bus driver to stop two-three feet short.”

“Ashwin did not play the Test in Sydney and Kuldeep bowled well. So it’s fair I give Kuldeep a chance. If that hurt Ashwin, I’m very happy. If your coach challenges you, what will you do? Go home crying and say ‘I won’t come back’. I, as a player, would take it as a challenge, to prove the coach wrong.”