Kallis with Boucher. (Source: Twitter)

Former South Africa wicket-keeper Mark Boucher wants Jacques Kallis back in camp. Kallis is England’s batting consultant for their two Tests on the Asian island.

“A lot of the media have been saying that Jacques is my mate and this is like buddy selection,” Boucher, South Africa’s coach, told a press conference on Thursday. “Yes, he is a mate of mine. But Jacques is also a very good cricketer who can add a lot of knowledge. Why wouldn’t we want him in our set-up?”

“Unfortunately my hands are tied behind my back sometimes. You get messages passed down to say this guy can’t be selected to fulfil a role that you maybe want him involved in. But it’s been well-documented in the press that the rules have been changed. I just picked up that we are allowed to have white consultants. I picked it up from the media. One of you [reporters] must have written about Judith [February, a member of the interim board], I think, where she said that we are allowed white consultants again.”

“He is certainly someone we would like to get back into a consultancy role. I haven’t had any major conversations with Jacques because he’s in Sri Lanka now, but over the next short period of time if we can get him involved somewhere soon – maybe against Australia – then I think we must.

“A lot of players have spoken so highly of Jacques and the knowledge he imparted to them, albeit in a short period of time against England [in 2019/20]. He is on my radar to try and get back involved with the Proteas’ set-up. I just hope we treat him with care. He’s shown that he’s got a lot of other opportunities in world cricket. We would be stupid not to try and hang onto him. As long as we don’t mess him around, I know Jacques would love to be working in South African cricket. I’m sure, after the conversations we have, we’ll hopefully see him back here.”

“There’s a lot of knowledge that Jacques can pass on not only to Temba but to all of our batters. The guy’s played over 150 Test matches [166]. The batting knowledge that he’s got, along with a couple of other guys in this country, needs to be utilised.

“The start was there and then it was taken away from the players. Hopefully we can get him back and get that information to the players. It can only do them the world of good speaking to a guy like that.”


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