R Ashwin. (Source: BCCI)

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has introduced new rules.

“The new Laws will not permit the use of saliva on the ball, which also removes any grey areas of fielders eating sugary sweets to alter their saliva to apply to the ball. Using saliva will be treated the same way as any other unfair methods of changing the condition of the ball,” the MCC said in a statement on Wednesday (March 9).

“Hygiene is one of the main reasons for making the saliva change, but it also helps to close the loophole in terms of the grey area of fielders eating sweets to alter the condition of the ball. We’ve found in our research that players using sweat was equally as effective as using saliva. Many playing conditions during Covid-19 had prohibited the use of saliva, so we’ve now brought that in line with the Laws,” a spokesman for the club told Cricbuzz elaborating on the point.

“Basically (it’s) up to ICC and other boards as to whether or not these are adopted for their own competitions. These Laws cover all cricket — from recreational game upwards,” the spokesman clarified.

Changes to the ‘Laws of Cricket’

  1. No saliva
  2. Running out the non-striker
  3. New batter to take strike