R Ashwin. (Source: BCCI)

“I’ll be having a chat with R Ashwin about (Mankading),” said Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting while speaking on The Grade Cricketer Podcast.

Ashwin was involved in a “mankading” dismissal of Jos Buttler while playing for KXIP against Rajasthan Royals in the previous edition. The off-spinner has now shifted to Delhi franchise and the former Australia skipper has said that he would have a chat with Ashwin to keep “Spirit of Game”.

Let’s take a look at from where and when the “Mankading” dismissal started and what is it all about.

Mankading is a dismissal where the bowler dimisses the batsman at the running end before completing the stride during his bowling action if the batsman is out of his crease.

Vinoo Mankad was the first player to execute the method and hence, the dismissal was named after him. He ran out Bill Brow at the non-striker’s end before delivering the ball during the 1947-48 tour.

Though, this form of dismissal isn’t really appreciated by the players and is considered against the “Spirit of the game”, former Australian great Sir Don Bradman had defended Mankad.

Ashwin was never guilty by Law

R Ashwin will play for Delhi Capitals in IPL 2020. (Source: Twitter)

Ashwin got rid of Butler through “mankading” but was never guilty and faced unnecessary criticism from the fans.

The Law 41.16 clearly defined that Ashwin didn’t really breach any MCC law. But some of the former cricketers and pundits were keener on involving the “spirit of the game.” Now if we dive more deeply into this “spirit of the game” logic, there are some kind of dismissals that would create more confusion.

For instance, if the ball tickles the bowlers’ hand and goes on to hit the stumps at the running end, the non-striker is runout if he is standing outside the crease. Similarly, on a number of occasions, we have seen MS Dhoni stumping the batsmen out on a wide delivery going down the leg side and the list of the examples can continue forever.


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