L.Balaji. (Source: BCCI)

Racism and discrimination have always been sensitive topics in Asian countries. But keeping in mind the recent incident of Racism in USA it is important to stand up with courage in the fight against this evil. Former Indian cricketer Laxmipati Balaji has openly called out against Racism and Discrimination.

Players like Joffra Archer and Sammy have openly spoken about Racism in cricket. Balaji stated in a chat show recently “Ibelieve there is racism of all kinds and discrimination of all kinds in cricket. We must at least ensure that there is social responsibility ingrained in the next generation.

Calling someone with a supposedly funny nickname, may draw a few laughs, but we can never know the extent of physical trauma it may cause the person at the receiving end,” He also emphasized the role of elders in sensitizing the children and being a role model for them.”

You are called by all sorts of names based on your face, size and height. Such bullyng is hundred percent condemnable, and anything that psychologically affects the children should never be encouraged. There has to be greater sensitization of the problem and it needs to start from the elders in the family. Only then children learn by example .It is about time we put a permanent end to it he said.