Karma Foundation is a global social impact organisation with international headquarters in London and operations all around the world.

The covid-19 pandemic, across the globe, has brought a lot of challenges and hardships in the life of every sportsperson. While some sports are on their way to resume operations with necessary precautions and safety measures; others, which have always had to struggle a bit more, even before the global crisis, are finding it difficult to sustain themselves, especially now more than ever. Disability cricket is one such sport. However, driven by a sense of community development and public consciousness, social entrepreneurs from non-profits, for-profits, and private-public partnerships, are stepping up and coming forward to offer their support to the cause.

In the wake of such unprecedented circumstances, Karma Foundation, a global social impact organisation, has joined forces with some of India’s leading business heads and corporate leaders, to help Indian cricketers with physical disabilities overcome the plight of the ongoing economic and health crisis. With the constant help and support from Nikhil Arora, VP and MD, GoDaddy India, who helmed this project, Karma Foundation was able to successfully distribute COVID relief kits, comprising of essential dietary, sanitary and other key sustenance items to over a hundred such players and their families, all across the country.

Nikhil Arora has actively been working with several government and local organizations to help enable communities from financially weaker social groups and equip them to deal with effects of the COVID-19 crisis. He has contributed to support people in informal settlements, helping them with their daily dietary requirements; worked towards supporting women and child safety and their nutritional requirements; and recently partnered with Indian music composer duo Salim-Sulaiman to help raise funds for local folk musicians from remote parts of the country. Nikhil has also launched his first e-book titled “The Subtle Shifts of Radical Changes” to help raise awareness about the much required behavioral shift to humility and a purpose driven, socially responsible entrepreneurship and leadership to adapt and survive in the new normal.

Karma Foundation has also been working relentlessly to support people, especially poor kids and the elderly in India, who are adversely impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Through a bandwagon of relief programs and community support initiatives, Karma Foundation aims to continue helping those in need and help bring mindfulness to the society.

The support from Sanskar TV, Noble Medicare and Realistic Realtors has also been instrumental in the success of Karma Foundation and Nikhil’s combined efforts to support cricketers with physical disabilities during these tough times.

About Karma Foundation

Karma Foundation is a global social impact organisation with international headquarters in London and operations all around the world. Karma Foundation – India focuses on supporting differently-abled people, women empowerment and maintaining children wellbeing through several nationwide initiatives and work towards providing proper education, health care, nutrition, sanitization and hygiene at the grassroots level. Our mission is to “create a world of love, peace and happiness through Health, Spirituality, Yoga, and Karma”. For more information about the company, visit – www.karmafoundation.com

About Nikhil Arora

In a career spanning over two decades and five countries, Nikhil Arora has led several functions including corporate strategy, business development, marketing, finance and operations for various global entities. He has helped launch several new businesses in his tenure at these organizations, and is deeply passionate about grassroots innovation and giving voice to good ideas – wherever they may come from. Nikhil is currently responsible for leading GoDaddy’s India business, constantly working towards identifying new growth strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the country. A driven corporate executive, recipient of The Economic Times’ Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2019 award, Nikhil is always eagerly looking for personal and professional avenues where he can make an impact


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