Irfan Pathan. (Source: Twitter)

Former India all-rounder Irfan Pathan has said that in the first T20 World Cup played in 2007, Pakistan was not familiar with the rules of the ball-out while India was preparing for it.

Former fast bowler Pathan shared the memories of the T20 World Cup 2007 at an event for the Star Sports, about the Pakistan team’s strategy during the bowl-out against India. “The Pakistan captain admitted at a press conference that he was not aware of the ball-out.” During the bowl-out, he was not sure whether his bowlers should take the full run-up or the half. At the same time, on the other hand, we were ready for it and the result is at the forefront. If seen, there was no competition between the two teams!, he told.

At the same event, Robin Uthappa shared his experiences of the time, ‘Before every practice session, we used to play a game after the warm-up. During that time Venky (Venkatesh Prasad) suggested playing ball-outs instead of playing football. Among the batsmen, I, Sehwag and Rohit was dismissed very often. When the match against Pakistan was tied, we were very excited. We were happy that one moment we almost lost this match and by the end, we managed to tie it.

Uthappa said, “Sreesanth bowled really well and the match was tied. I have to give credit to Mahendra Singh Dhoni during that. In his first tournament and at a very young age as a captain, he displayed great confidence. A teammate who was a non-bowler went to Dhoni and said that he has to bowl and he can hit the stumps. Dhoni blinked without allowing him to bowl.


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