RCB & DC. (Source: BCCI)

The rules related to the mega auction of IPL-2022 have started coming out. There is news of some rules being agreed between the IPL Governing Council and all the franchises. Accordingly, the old 8 teams can retain 4 of their current players. At the same time, both the new teams will be able to select three players each from the existing options in addition to the retained players before the auction. This time right to match option will not be given. The number of teams is going to increase from 8 to 10 from the 2022 season. Two new teams are joining in the form of Lucknow and Ahmedabad.

If a team does not retain any of its players, then it goes to the auction. If another team buys that player in the auction, then its old team has the option to re-add the player to the team by paying the same amount (as the other team has bought). Teams will not have a single right-to-match option for the 2022 auction.

Teams will be able to choose between two different options for retention. Under the first option, the team can choose three Indian and one foreign player. At the same time, under the second option, two Indian and two foreign players can be retained. There is no compulsion for retained Indian players to be capped or uncapped. Players who have played for Team India are called capped.

Teams will not be able to retain players just of their own free will. For this the consent of the players will also be necessary. If a player wants him not to be retained by his old team, he will be available for auction.

The mega auction for IPL-2022 can happen in December this year. Each team can have a purse of Rs 90-90 crore. Now this amount was Rs 85 crores.

It is not yet clear how much will be deducted from the purse of the teams in lieu of retaining the players. Before the mega auction in 2018, if a team had retained 3 players, then there was a deduction of 15 crores for the first retention, 11 crores for the second and 7 crores for the third.

On retaining two players, there was a deduction of 12.5 crores for the first and Rs 8.5 crores for the second. A deduction of Rs 12.5 crore was made from the purse for retaining a player.