Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. (Source Twitter)

Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, have been pillars of Indian ODI teams batting for long, now a new name KL Rahul has been added to this distinguished duo.

KL Rahul is a consistent batsman on all types of wickets, he has done well in Australia, England, and was among the few Indian batsmen to hold his ground successfully against the rampaging Kiwi, Bounce, Swing , &Seam bowling served by the Kiwi bowlers.

Apart from the Batting and close in catching, Rahul provides an extra service, that is wicket-keeping ,he is more than a efficient keeper , in fact honestly speaking I find his keeping better and less error-ridden than Pants.

Rahul has become a full-time member of our ODI , starting 11,and as he doubles up as a keeper-batsman, he provides an opening for an additional batsman,all-rounder, or bowler, as required by the team.He made his debut on 11/6/16 and is following in footsteps of his illustrious team senior Rahul Dravid, by providing a wicket-keeping option to the team management.

He is relatively new and I’m sure will serve Indian cricket for long infact I see him leading India in another 4/5 years.

The other two Stalwarts Kohli and Sharma, need no introduction they are master batsmen who have won many matches for India,and will continue to do so for atleast 3/4 years.Their record is stupendous ,no wonder both are mentioned as top batsmen if the world in ODIs and Tests.A brief look on their stats.

Kohli: Debut 18/8/2008.
Not out:9.
Runs scored:11792.
Avg:59.86.strike rate 93.39.

Sharma: Debut:8/12/11.
Not out:32.
Runs scored:9115.Avg 49.27.
Strike rate:88.53.

The contribution of Kohli, Sharma, Rahul,and to a great extent Dhawan have contributed greatly in making our Indian team a top-notch team in ODIs internationally, they have performed at home as well as overseas, and will I’m sure to inspire budding youngsters to emulate them and bring laurels to the country in future.