A fan breached the security and entered the field. (Source: Twitter)

There have been a number of incidents where fans have entered the playing area to greet their favourite cricketer. So something happened in Pune on Saturday during India’s second Test against South Africa when a fan entered the field, ran towards Rohit Sharma who was stationed in the slips and touched his feet.

The fan was then escorted out of the field by the security personnel but the incident didn’t really go well with former India captain and current commentator Sunil Gavaskar.

“These incidents happen because security people are not watching the crowd but are watching the match. This has been the perennial problem in India,” said Gavaskar on air.

“The security is not there to watch the match for free. They are there to stop such interruptions from happening,” he added.

“I say put the camera on the security and check whether they are watching the match or the crowd,” he said.