Javed Miandad and Imran Khan. (Source: Twitter)

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad has claimed that Imran Khan has ruined the game in their country. Minadad furtehr went on to say that the present officials have no idea about the game.

“All officials in the PCB do not know the ABC of the sport. I will talk to Imran Khan personally about the sad state of affairs. I will not leave anyone that is not right for our country. You have brought a person [Wasim Khan] from abroad, if he steals from us how will you even catch him? Has everyone in Pakistan passed away that you need someone from the outside? I want the people of Pakistan to rise. If you don’t have a better person in the entire country than you should look outside, but that is not the case,” Miandad said in a video released on his YouTube channel.

Interestingly, Miandad has been a part of the Pakistan team that won the World Cup in 1992 under the leadership of Imran Khan and Akram was also a part of that side.

Miandad took a dig at Imran and said, “I was your [Imran Khan’s] captain, not the other way around. I was the one who pulled your strings. You think no one other than you knows about cricket. You should start thinking about yourself and your surroundings. You should start thinking about the people you have kept in the PCB before it’s too late,” he concluded.


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