Smriti Mandhana. (Source: Twitter)

Smriti Mandhana said that the players had long discussions after the game versus New Zealand.

“I think we had a long discussion in the meeting before the match and we discussed how we couldn’t really get going in the match against New Zealand, and something that we all decided as a batting unit that we have to stay positive regardless of whatever situation we are in,” Mandhana said in the presser.

“So that’s something that we consciously wanted to work on and you know, try and keep the scoreboard ticking. That’s something I think we all really wanted to work on in this match. And I’m happy that the whole batting unit could actually do that, and I think to start with, Yastika – the way she batted in the power play – I think took a lot of pressure off me because even after losing three wickets we still had a score on the board,” she added.

“As I said it wasn’t the one – like a typical one which I just go into a flow and I started playing my shots. So, really pleased that I could put some brakes on my scoring rate and play according to the situation and then contribute, and mainly I think contribute to India, for India’s win. And I think that’s something which I really look forward to every day when I come out to bat. So I’m happy that I could do that today.”

“I think she’s a very crucial part of our batting order, especially in the middle order. And I’m really happy that she’s come back to form and I think from the practice game, she’s been batting well, so we’re really confident that she’ll be able to score runs in this tournament and I’m happy that she’s got back-to-back 50’s. Most importantly, I think today’s century will give her a lot of confidence and I think the whole team as well, because we were not in a great place I think to start with and from there for her to come in and bat and get us out of that situation. I think it was an incredible innings,” said Mandhana.

“I think when she came in to bat, I think we were focusing more on singles and doubles because we had lost three quick wickets and we didn’t want to play another shot or get out or something and we didn’t want to even stop the run rate – so our discussion was both of us said that we’ll just keep batting and I’m sure we’ll get singles and doubles and let’s just convert the singles, into doubles – that something which we all spoke in the dressing room after the New Zealand match that the momentum, which in the last match, we couldn’t actually start the momentum and you know, carry us also.”