Indian cricket Team. (Source: BCCI)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is contemplating the future of its first Test championship as several series have been postponed due to the Corona epidemic. With the postponement of several Test series, fears are arising as to whether the final will be between the two top teams of the Test Championship at Lord’s ground in June next year.

ICC General Manager Geoff Allardice said that members are being talked about as to what the future program is and the championship plans. He, however, said that at the moment the final is scheduled for June 2021 but members are being talked about how to set a new schedule for the series which have been postponed earlier.

The nine top nations have to play three series each on the basis of home and foreign ground and the top two teams will play in the finals. India is currently number one and Australia is second in the table.

World Cup Super League to begin with England-Ireland ODI series

The Cricket World Cup Super League will officially begin with the ODI series starting on July 30 between England and Ireland. The ICC has confirmed this. It has also been said that some big rules of cricket are also being changed from this series. The World Cup Super League will serve as qualification for the Men’s ODI World Cup to be held in India in 2023.

The third umpire will oversee the front foot no-ball in cricket

This rule regarding front foot no-ball will apply in both ODIs and T20s. In the last few years, there have been many cases when the field umpire is unable to see the front foot no-ball and the batsman had to suffer loss in the event of being dismissed on such a ball. The ICC used it in the India and West Indies ODI series. At the same time, the decision of no-ball for height will be the responsibility of the on-field umpire.

Teams will be deducted at slow over rate

In the Super League, points will be deducted for teams at a slow over-rate. 10 points for a win in the Super League and a tie, no result or five points for a cancelled match. The ICC said it would deduct one point for every slow over in the Super League.

Two Drs per innings

Each team in the league will get two DRS per innings. Last June, it was announced to increase from one DRS to 2 DRS in ODIs and T20s. Due to Corona, some changes have been made to the rules which will be reviewed every three months. This is the format in the Super League will feature 13 teams including Holland winning the ICC World Cricket League 2015-17.

The top seven teams in the league and hosts India will qualify directly for the 2023 World Cup. During the league, each team will play four series on the basis of home and foreign land. The team will be awarded 10 points and any result for the win and five points if there is a tie. All series in the Super League will be of three matches. The last 5 teams of the league will then clash with five associates in the ICC Cricket World Cup qualifier for the final two places of the 10 teams World Cup.


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