Indian Cricket team. (Source: Twitter)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has issued comprehensive guidelines aimed at getting the Sport up and running again but at the same time maintaining and enforcing the highest safety protocols.

The ICC has issued the following guidelines and suggestions prior to the resumption of the game at the international level after post-Corona enforced lockdown.

1.Appointment of a Chief Medical Officer/Bio safety officer for the team to ensure all respective Govt guidelines are followed as players return to active training.

2.Reccomended a pre match isolation training camp that will involve daily Temperature checks, and Covid 19 testing atleast 14 days prior to travel.

3.Handing over their personal equipment like caps, goggles,,jumpers etc to umpires will not be permitted.

4.Caps, Sunglasses,etc kept in the field by players would attract penalty runs as in the case of Helmet normally kept behind the keeper.

5.ICC also wants to minimise the time spent in the changing rooms before and after a match.

6.Umpires will be encouraged to wear gloves while officiating in matches.

7.ICC has recommended ban on using saliva on tha ball.The players have also been advised to avoid touching the nose,mouth or eyes,after making contact with the Ball,and to sanitise their hands after handling the ball.

8.No loo or Shower breaks will be encouraged when players are training.

9.Players will be told to adopt ready to train approach wherever possible,ie come for training prepared with out the need to use any communal facilities like changing room or showering facilities.

10.Keeping in mind the high injury risk to bowlers comming to play after a long break,ICC recommended 5/6 weeks training with atleast 3 weeks bowling at match intensity for 20/20 matches. Same way minimum preparation period for ODIs was fixed at 6 weeks .For Test match preparation, it was 4/5 weeks camp, bowling at full throttle, it was felt this would acclimatize the bowlers and reduce breakdown due to injuries.


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