I broke a TV at after seeing my daughter trying to imitate an "aarti" scene: Afridi (Source: Twitter)

At this time in Pakistan, there is a lot of rhetoric about religious discrimination with the player Danish Kaneria. At the same time, the former captain of the team, Shahid Afridi, has created controversy by narrating a sentence about himself. In a video that went viral on social media, Shahid Afridi has emerged where he can be seen saying that he smashed a TV at his house after he saw his daughter imitating an ‘aarti’ scene while watching an Indian show.

This video of Afridi is getting a lot of criticism. This video is of a TV show in which when Shahid was asked if he ever broke the TV in anger, in response to this question from TV host Nadia Yasir, Afridi said yes once he has done it. He told that he had to do this when he saw his daughter imitating an ‘aarti’ scene in a TV serial.

Afridi said about this sentence and said that it was all due to his wife. The former captain said that a few years ago, daily soaps were very popular and his wife, although she did not watch much TV, would definitely watch the serial. Afridi told that he told his wife many times that watch such serials in private, do not watch it with children.

Afridi said that he saw that one of his daughters was twisting his hands after seeing a similar serial. Anchor reminded him of the word “Aarti”. Afridi said that seeing this, he broke the TV in anger. The thunderous applause echoed in the Pakistani audience sitting in the audience gallery.

This video has gone viral at a time when former Pakistan player Shoaib Akhtar told about the discrimination of former Hindu player Danish Kaneria with being a Hindu. This video of Akhtar also went viral in which he told that many Pakistani cricketers did not like to eat food with him just because they are Hindus. This was also confirmed by Danish Kaneria.