Cameron Bancroft. (Source: Twitter)

Australia cricketer Cameron Bancroft made some shocking revelations related to Newlands Test against South Africa in 2018 where the popular sandpaper gate controversy took place.

Now some of the former players have reacted to the claims.

“What’s the surprise? That more than three people knew? I don’t think anybody who has played the game of cricket, or knows a little bit about cricket, would know that in a team like that, at the highest level, when the ball is such an important part of the game,” Clarke told Sky Sports radio.

“Anyone would be naive to think people were not aware with what was going on about ball maintenance. I don’t think Cricket Australia wanted to go there. They did not want to go any deeper than that superficial example of ball-tampering,” he added.

“If I was Smith, Warner or Bancroft, I’d want the others publicly recognised for their part in what happened,” Ian Chappell told Nine’s Wide World of Sports.

“It’s not just the fact the ball was tampered with at Newlands, it’s all the lead-up about how it got to that point, and what caused it to reach that level of stupidity. For it to have got that far it had to have involved a lot of people, and not just those around the team. It involves people way up the ladder, and the fact that none of them were enveloped, if I was one of the three that did get pinged, I’d be pretty pissed off about it.,” he added.

“It could have been stopped and it wasn’t, which is unfortunate. Cameron’s a very nice guy. He’s just doing it to get something off his chest… He’s not going to be the last,” Saker told The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

“You could point your finger at me, you could point your finger at Boof [then coach Darren Lehmann], could you point it at other people, of course you could… We all know that we made a monumental mistake. The gravity wasn’t as plain until it all came out,” he added.