CSA. (Source: Twitter)

The members council of CSA has agreed to accept a board consisting of a majority of independent directors that is chaired by an independent.

“Whilst the two parties are still going to work out the detail required, this agreement paves the way to the adoption of a revised [MOI] that will hopefully be adopted at the next annual meeting [scheduled for April 17],” Saturday’s release said. Mthethwa was quoted as saying: “As has been my position since the appointment of the interim board, I regard this breakthrough as the end of my involvement in the current process. As the two points of difference were the main obstacles threatening the [annual meeting], I have no doubt that the requisite numbers needed to adopt the MOI by the [annual meeting] will be achieved. The ball is now in the hands of the two parties.”

“It is envisaged that the acting president [Rihan Richards] and the interim board chair [Stavros Nicolaou] will get together soonest in order to not unduly prejudice the agreed timelines and roadmap leading to the election of a new board for CSA [at the annual meeting],” the release said. That would “enable the interim board to meet their target date to give a comprehensive report, before the [annual meeting], which outlines progress achieved on all the nine points contained in the mandate given to them by the minister on their appointment”, which would mark the end of the interim board’s tenure.”The board of directors of CSA held a joint meeting with its steering committee in Johannesburg on Saturday and made major progress in implementing the recommendations of the Nicholson committee of enquiry,” a CSA release said. “This is in accordance with the memorandum of agreement signed between CSA, Sport and Recreation South Africa and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee to implement the letter and spirit of the recommendations contained in the Nicholson report.” That release is dated August 11, 2012.


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