Cameron Bancroft. (Source: Twitter)

Cricket Australia has said it was open to hearing any new information regarding the 2018 Cape Town scandal.

“CA has maintained all along that if anyone is in possession of new information in regards to the Cape Town Test of 2018 they should come forward and present it,” the board said in a statement on Saturday.

“The investigation conducted at the time was detailed and comprehensive. Since then, no one has presented new information to CA that casts doubt on the investigation’s findings.”

“Bancroft was caught on camera trying to tamper with the condition of the ball using sandpaper during Australia’s Test against South Africa in Cape Town.”

“All I wanted to do was to be responsible and accountable for my own actions and part,” Bancroft told.

“Obviously what I did benefits bowlers and the awareness around that, probably, is self-explanatory.”When pressed further to clarify if the bowlers knew, he replied: “Uh… yeah, look, I think, yeah, I think it’s pretty probably self-explanatory.”