Graeme Swann. (Source: Twiter)

Former England off-spinner Graeme Swann says the performance of international level players does not matter if they are off the field because they know how to play.

Due to Coronavirus, cricket activity has been stalled all over the world and the player has been out of the field for months.

However, a 117-day series between England and West Indies is being organized after 117 days under the influence of Corona.

Swann said, “When you play professional cricket or international cricket, you know how to perform. You are better at your job and your body knows what to do. All this happens in the minds of the players and it does not matter how long they have been off the field. He said- It is like driving a motorcycle.”

Even after a gap of several days in this, you know how to run it. So it does not matter how long the player has been off the field.

Swann said, “The players know what to do after they land on the field. They remember everything. It is enough for the spinner to flick the ball at home and that is enough for them. They just have to pay attention to whether the ball is coming in the hand as before.”


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