Ross Taylor. (Source: Twitter)

The 2019 World Cup Final, photo finish is still in every ones minds. The match was tied and went to a super over between the hosts England & New Zealand which again ended in a tie.

England were eventually declared champions on the basis of having struck more boundaries in their innings as compared to their opponents. This was a heart break for the valiant Kiwis as, it was their second loss in the world cup finals.

This decision led to huge debates as a majority of people were of the view that the Kiwis were done in by the decision. The general opinion of Cricket experts and fans was that the teams should have played another super over to decide the deserving winner, or declare both teams as joint winners.

Kiwi stalwart Ross Taylor who was a part of the final opined that super overs in ODIs are not necessary. Taylor said that an ODI is played over a very long time, and if the scores are level it should be declared a tie. Super overs complicate things in ODI matches as it did in the World cup finals. Taylor added that in such matches and the trophy can be shared.

“I am still undecided about having a super over in a one-day cricket game, as one day matches are played over a long time. In T/20, to continually go on is the right way to go. A bit like football trying to get a result, but I don’t think a Super Over is really needed in a one day game. I think you can have a joint winner in such cases.” Taylor told ESPNCricinfo.

He also stated that after the final ended in a tie he was not aware that the teams were to play a Super Over. ODI is a match of 100 overs and if at the end both teams have identical scores then nobody deserves to lose. The legendary Kiwi batsman believed that a tie is a fair result and super overs make a result of the game very complicated.


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