Brett Lee. (Source: Twitter)

Former Australia veteran fast bowler Brett Lee said the fast bowlers will play a key role in the home series against the Indian team but it has to be seen that Kookaburra bowls a lot without the use of saliva. Australia has a trio of fast bowlers in the form of Patrick Cummins, Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood.

Lee, who was one of the world’s fastest bowlers due to the ban on saliva due to the Covid-19 pandemic, wants the ICC to allow the use of ‘artificial material’ to help maintain the balance between the ball and the bat. Lee said in an exclusive interview, you will obviously benefit from playing the country in your country, but India’s most compulsive team will visit Australia. Now I also believe that if Australia wants to win, then the role of our bowlers will be important. ‘

The stitching of the Kookaburra ball is not as bulging as the dukes or other balls used in test matches. Due to the ban on saliva, the situation will be very difficult for the bowlers of both teams. The former 43-year-old said, “It will definitely change the way the game is played, so we don’t want to make it any more difficult for the bowlers.” The Indian fast bowling attack has performed brilliantly in the last three years, having the ability to send any top-order back to pavilion in world cricket. It will have to be seen how much his ability will be when the ball swings low.

Lee said India has got some very good fast bowlers who are capable of shaking any top order. I think their performance in different circumstances (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney) will depend on how much the ball swings.

“In such circumstances, if any artificial substance is allowed on the ball, no one should object,” Lee said.

He said, “You need saliva to make the new ball shiny and the old ball reverses swing. Usually (fast bowlers) use less saliva on the new ball than on the old ball. The bowler, who took 310 wickets in Tests, said that maybe he (ICC) needs to allow the use of some artificial materials. ‘

When asked if Tim Paine gets the same respect as captain in the presence of Steve Smith and David Warner as the former captains, Lee said, “I think Tim Paine has done a great job. He should be praised for the way he has done and the way he has led the team.”


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