BCCI. (Source: Twitter)

Due to Coronavirus, India’s 2020-21 domestic season is expected to go till June next year and the Ranji Trophy will be its biggest priority.

No date has been set for the start of India’s domestic season and there is a possibility that the domestic season may go till June next year. Ranji Trophy will be a top priority on the BCCI’s agenda and it will be a priority to organize at least one tournament in women and every age group.

A BCCI official told Cricinfo, “We want to organize as many domestic sessions as possible.”

Right now it is impossible to get started now and IPL is also going to UAE but we will try to make a program. We will not be able to organize everything this year and the domestic session will start in November itself. We have to put the tournaments in the priority list and Ranji Trophy tops the list.

”We will be able to do it in the current format or it will be cut, we don’t know anything,” the official said.

We do not even know what time window we will have. It will depend on when we start and if the IPL happens at the scheduled time in May-April next year. In the 2019-20 season, a total of 2036 matches were held in different age groups of men and women.

In the normal course, the session starts in July-August and lasts till March.


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