Aaron Finch. (Source: Twitter)

Sri Lanka is facing economic crisis these days. Various disputes are coming to the fore in the country and sabotage is also taking place. In such a situation, Australian cricketers have taken an important step to help Sri Lanka. Australian cricketers have decided to give 24 lakh rupees (30 thousand US dollars) as help to Sri Lanka.

Recently Australia toured Sri Lanka. Kangaroo Cricketers have decided to donate the amount received from this tour to the care of the children of Sri Lanka. The CA said that during the tour of Sri Lanka, the team had seen long queues for demonstration and petrol there.

It was only after this that the decision to help Sri Lanka was taken. In such a situation, CA has decided to donate US $ 30,000 as support. Rising inflation and widespread fuel shortages have made life difficult for millions of Sri Lankans.

The United Nations has declared a humanitarian crisis and the country’s president and prime minister have been removed due to widespread protests. The Australian team that arrived on the tour had seen these incidents very closely. Captain Pat Cummins said- It was very clear to us how much day-to-day life is being affected for the Sri Lankan people. This money will go to the United Nations child aid agency UNICEF.