MS Dhoni with Ashish Nehra. (Source: Twitter)

A video of Ashish Nehra and Mahendra Singh Dhoni went viral where Nehra is seen abusing Dhoni standing behind the wicket for dropping a catch. The abusive video of Nehra and Dhoni is publicized on social media saying that Nehra abused Dhoni in a match against Pakistan on 5 April 2005. In this match, Dhoni scored the first century of his career.

The video is told of the second match of the India-Pakistan 6 ODI series, but Nehra has told its truth. Actually, in an interview, Nehra told the truth of this video after 15 years and also admitted his mistake that he abused Dhoni at that time.

Former fast bowler of the Indian cricket team Ashish Nehra said in an interview to The Times of India, “I must admit I am not proud of my behaviour,”.

Shahid Afridi’s catch was dropped

Ashish Nehra said that before this Afridi had hit six in my over and there was a lot of pressure on me for the India and Pakistan match. In such a situation, I got very angry after missing this catch. Usually, players lose their temper on such occasions. Although I should not have done this. Dhoni is in this video, that’s why this video became so popular.
Let us know that India lost 4-2 in this 6-match ODI series with Pakistan. India had lost all the remaining matches after winning the first two matches of the series.