Aakash Chopra. (Source: Twitter)

Ever since the unfortunate incident of the American George Floyd has hit the headlines all over the world ,instances of Racial discrimination and abuse have come poring in from various sources.

Latest to join in is Indian Ex Cricketer Aakash Chopra, who made his debut Vs Newzealand in the 2003 home series and scored 42 in his debut Test at Ahmedabad. He played 19 Tests for India scoring 437 runs at an average of 23.20.

Recalling his stint in English county cricket Chopra said ,he too had to face racial taunts and abuse in England.

In one match he remembered being constantly called ‘Paki’ by two South African players of the opposite team, they did not let go even when he was at the non strikers end. Chopra said Paki ,is not the short form for Pakistani as people generally believe.

But the British have coined it as a means of derogatory racial word for players from the sub continent , the moment one is called or addressed as ‘Paki’ you know that the intention behind it is racial abuse.

He however accepted that whenever he was subjected to Racial abuse on the field in England ,his county teammates fully stood by him.

Chopra said almost all players face racial abuse some time or the other,it happens to white skinned players as well.

When Andrew Symonds came to bat in the Wankhede stadium Monkey chants filled the stadium and spectators were warned they would have to leave the Stadium if they continued to make monkey chants.